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Wartime Guided Walks


With the second Lockdown in England ending on 2 December and London being designated as a "Tier 2" area, we're delighted that we will be able to offer walks for private groups of up to five people once again effective from Thursday 3 December. As an outdoor event, the "Rule of Six" will apply (five people + guide = rule of six!)

We regret that with these restrictions it will only be possible to offer walks for pre-booked private groups, as it is simply not viable to undertake "walk up" groups at this stage due to the limited numbers involved.

All our walks are COVID-safe; the guide will wear a face visor and the photographs and artefacts will be sanitised before and after each walk. Hand sanitiser will also be carried by the guide for use of the group if requested.

As the name suggests, we offer guided walks through selected areas of London where, if one knows where to look, there is a vast amount of our wartime history still to be seen and many stories to be told about the Battle of Britain, The Blitz, the V-Weapons campaigns and general life in Wartime London. All of our walks are illustrated with archive photos that provide a ‘then and now’ perspective and feature artefacts from the period for the group to inspect, as well as a wealth of eye-witness personal accounts that help bring the period to life.

Our knowledge of the localities we cover as well as the history of those times, both from the level of the ordinary Londoner as well as those making the top level decisions, coupled with an intimate understanding of the various organisations involved and the hardware used, make our walks a unique and fascinating experience for the walker, whether you are a serious history buff, a member of a school or service group, or just an interested visitor to our city.

We can also provide talks to Schools or any organised groups on London at War, The Blitz, or the ‘Home Front’ in general and wherever possible, we will tailor the talk to cover the locality involved. We also provide research assistance for family history purposes and have also assisted television production companies for programmes such as "Who Do You Think You Are" and "Blitz Cities" in particular. Steve recently appeared with Mat McLachlan of Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours from Australia in a short documentary in which Mat and I explored the wartime City of London. Click here to view it!


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